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Whole House Filtration System in Katy, TX

Water filtration system

Installing a water filtration system for the whole house and alkaline reverse osmosis.

Service: Water Filtration System

Location: Katy, TX


Client Review

I after an entire week of researching my options I decided to go with Dreamland Water, and I’m so glad I did. The owner is professional, prompt, has great communication, and included me with every step/ decision down to the exact spot I wanted my reverse osmosis spout in my kitchen. I’m very picky when it comes to adding onto my house, so I sent him a picture of the spout I would prefer and he went out of his way to find multiple options for me to choose from that looked like the picture I wanted. My water tastes better than I could’ve imagined with reverse osmosis and added mineral filter, my skin and hair look great (I don’t even need lotion in the winter which is crazy), the water smells clean everywhere, and even my kids noticed the difference while taking a shower. The system is installed beautifully and works perfectly, and for the work he does/ the product he has the price was amazing. I’d definitely recommend to anyone.

- Michelle B


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