Water Softener System

The last water softener you’ll ever need to buy

Single Water Softening System

The Water Softener system turns the hard water into soft water and will remove all the Calcium or hardness for the entire home.

How do water softeners and conditioners work?

Our water conditioners work by running the water through sodium-covered resin beads. The negative sodium ions on the beads attract the positive calcium and magnesium ions. These positive ions attach themselves to the beads. The brine in your system is used to “re-charge” your resin beads by cleaning them off and replacing the negative sodium ions and make the soft water for drinking.

  • A Lifetime of Soft, Conditioned Water
  • Softer Smoother Skin and Hair
  • Cleaner Longer Lasting Clothes
  • Cleaner Dishes, Spotless Silverware
  • Saves Over 75% on Soaps and Cleaning Supplies
  • Easily Clean Plumbing Fixtures and Shower Parts
  • Protect Water Using Appliances
  • Saves Energy
  • Industry’s Best Lifetime Warranty
What is the process? What can I expect from Dreamland Water?

During your initial phone call, a consultation will be performed. We use the information we gather to determine which solution is right for you. Once your order is placed our highly qualified technicians will arrive on time and will start work without delay. Our insured technicians will complete the installation of your water system professionally and efficiently.

  • Custom Design
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Highest Quality
  • Made In Houston, TX
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Houston & Surrounding Areas
  • Rated #1 on Google and Angie’s list
  • Simple Quote By Phone
  • Affordable Maintenance Plans Available
Water softener system
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    Gregg Moore
    Houston. TX

    I would recommend them to my friends and relatives also. Their products are incredible and they are not charging a very high amount for that. It is affordable!

    Mike Peel
    Houston. TX

    Just had Water Softener and RO system installed in our home. James and Co were great! He walked me through everything multiple times, answered all my questions and have the best price in the market for the service you get! Excited for this new feature in our home and highly recommend Dreamland

    Brett Gerber
    Houston. TX

    I would highly recommend Dreamland Water!! I contacted Dreamland after getting the run-around from other companies, and I am so glad that I did! They were so honest and transparent with me and made the whole process smooth and comforting! They were very good priced as well and we have enjoyed having our new softener and reverse osmosis! Don’t waste your time with other companies, call Dreamland Water and you won’t be disappointed!!

    Philip Mohler
    Houston. TX

    This is the first time we use softener water system in Texas. I must say it’s incredible. Never know it’ll make such difference than regular water. Especially after bath you’ll notice that your skin are smooth, also your hair. The whole experience is great, for me and my wife. Also, the staff are so responsible and friendly. It’s highly recommended this company if you are looking for a water softener system.

    Sam Brittany murphy
    Houston. TX

    water is the purest I ever drank! I am not scared of chemicals and bacteria anymore. My family feels safe. Thank you for great deal and quality!!!

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